The Genesis

Matthew and Boston Ridge, the hardworking and enterprising father-and son duo behind the AUTOLABS brand. Having established a highly successful car detailing business over the last 20 years, it was a natural progression for Boston to bring his business acumen and entrepreneurship skills to the table. Together, we are proud to be a beacon of excellence in the car detailing industry. Over the last 20 years the business has detailed over half-a-million cars – that is a whopping 2-million wheels (many of them are repeat wheels!) However, a few years back, we identified that the products available in the market were pedestrian at best, and highly acidic – not exactly kind to you or the environment. And so began the quest for better products…

Wash & Wax
Re-gen Paint

The Journey

Accepting the status quo is not our style and we realised that we had to be the change we were looking for. We embarked on a transformational research and development journey with a vision to create an unparalleled product that was a three-way win; for your car, the planet and your skin. AUTOLABS products are the result of combining science with the art of detailing. Partnering with chemists and scientists, we wanted car-care products that beautiful vehicles deserve.

Over three years of development, we left no stone unturned to get to the magic formulations that make these products a cut above the rest. First cab off the rank was to switch out the old products in our own detailing business to ensure our customers were getting the very best. Since launching, AUTOLABS products have found a loyal and growing customer base including Giltrap Audi and others who use them in their grooming facilities, along with specifically tailored car-care kits.

The Engine That Drives Us.

Beautiful cars, and the fine folk who drive them have one thing in common – you LOVE your vehicles, and we do too. We genuinely love delighting you, and our loyal customer-base is testament to our obsession with the ‘science of clean’. Like anybody who is dedicated to their craft, we have spent years refining and improving our service, with finely-honed techniques to achieve the best quality results for you. The AUTOLABS products are an extension of that commitment, and we are delighted to offer these to you for purchase. Our aim is to have you and your car gleaming with pride. Put simply, we are driven by an obsession for quality, genuine care, and passion for the drive.

Tyre Cleaner
Car Glass Cleaner

Under the Hood…


  1. I learnt to drive in a 1973 Triumph 2000..
  2. Whilst I am well-travelled, my favourite place to drive is New Zealand, as the scenery is unequalled..
  3. My home is my favourite spot in the whole world.
  4. My glovebox must-have is an AUTOLABS Care Kit.
  5. My day starts with a latte and ends with good old instant coffee.


  1. I learnt to drive in a 1966 Pontiac LeMans.
  2. Dad doesn’t know I took his car on numerous dates…he does now!
  3. U2’s “One Tree Hill” as hands-down the best song for a road trip.
  4. I have learnt that car enthusiasts are extremely meticulous.
  5. Dad’s weirdest car rule is that you must close the door with your palm and not your fingers.